Custom Activism Themed Gift Basket

Start a child off on a social justice path with these books that are sure to inspire. Our favorites include A is for Activist, Counting on Community, Say Hello, Fresh Picked Poetry: A Day at the Farmer's Market, She Persisted, and It Takes A Village

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Read. Think. Vote.

Duck for President (A Click Clack Book) Cover Image
Vote For Me! Cover Image
Vote for Our Future! Cover Image
Facts vs. Opinions vs. Robots Cover Image
The President of the Jungle Cover Image
Our House Is on Fire: Greta Thunberg's Call to Save the Planet Cover Image

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Staff Picks

I loved the book for I really like the part were Vic pushed Maddie of her horse at the snack and swim. I also like the part were Cloudy got to stay. Buy I didn't like the fact that Maddie couldn't buy Cloudy. - Sophia, customer age 8 and a half